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Why are you so cold hearted?

Oh, Marwand.

Why are you so cold hearted?

No, I am not. When I saw you for the first time, my heart turned into a wildfire. No water could cool it down, and no drug could control it. No doctor, priest or imam could heal me.

Anybody who touched me, they burned their hand. Some said Marwand is cursed and left me in a hurry.

Because of this heat inside me, I turned many clothes and beds slowly into ashes. I have spent many sleepless nights, wondering what could be the cure?

However, on one blessed rainy day, when our lips touched,
you extinguished the wildfire and restored the balance.

But as soon as you left, the hell broke loose again. That is when I realised that you are the virus and cure.

By Marwand

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