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Clients first – the two word miracle

Clients first – the Two Word Miracle

By Joseph Callaway and JoAnn Callaway.

Three lessons from Clients First.

This book mainly focuses on three areas, honesty competence and caring, which are the foundation of a successful customer-brand relationship.

It does not matter whether you are a consultant or a shopkeeper, one thing is sure, a good business is based on customers or clients who trust you. Without a strong bond with customers, business will fail. But how do we create a strong bond with customers?

Lesson 1: Honesty – Clients can only trust you if you are honest.

By being honest. It does not only mean to tell the truth to your client. It also means telling the truth even if it may go against the interest of the business. Why? Clients will appreciate your honesty and become loyal to your business.

Lesson 2: Competence – Businesses with competence at every stage win clients.

By being competent. This is another approach which a business should implement in its interaction with clients. What does competence mean? It means showing the clients that an employee is an expert in what he or she does. Competence does not only come from working till you are the best. You acquire competence through a process of a continuous learning and development. It means learning non-stop.

Lesson 3: Care – Understand what the interest of your client is

Put your clients first. It means caring for the customers and not only for the salary. In a business context, caring is not about maternal feelings or providing a shoulder to cry on. But about understanding where the client’s interests lie. When customers notice that business is considering their interests, they are prepared to listen to the advice provided.

To summarize, put your clients first. Honesty, competence and caring are the keys to a successful business. Successfully implementing these aspects into your customer relationship will also distinguish your business from the rest.

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