My painter

Even though fireworks are prohibited this year, you are still my favourite firework as you bring joy and colourful ideas into my life. Sometimes you explode because of anger. Yet, that paints our memories with ideas where and what to improve.

By Marwand

To My Angel

Although the UK left the EU, you are still in my heart ♥️ and mind. As a gardener that collects the flowers from the garden, I gathered my thoughts about you too today. I even put them into words—my darling like a firework you bring beauty and happiness into my life.

By Marwand

Why are you so cold hearted?

Oh, Marwand.

Why are you so cold hearted?

No, I am not. When I saw you for the first time, my heart turned into a wildfire. No water could cool it down, and no drug could control it. No doctor, priest or imam could heal me.

Anybody who touched me, they burned their hand. Some said Marwand is cursed and left me in a hurry.

Because of this heat inside me, I turned many clothes and beds slowly into ashes. I have spent many sleepless nights, wondering what could be the cure?

However, on one blessed rainy day, when our lips touched,
you extinguished the wildfire and restored the balance.

But as soon as you left, the hell broke loose again. That is when I realised that you are the virus and cure.

By Marwand


My darling, you are gone like a wind
but your sweet memories are still in me
Just like this ink in my pen that cries on this letter
What should I do until the memories leave me?
What should I do until sleep becomes a friend of my eyes
and patience will live in my heart again
since you are gone, they have gone too.

By Marwand Bahand

Miss Mine

So many girls
As autumn leafs
on the Hague streets.
But I still miss mine,
Wonder when destiny
Will blow her to me.
Because time is harsh
People step on leafs,
And leave in rush.
soon she arrives.
I am water
she is my leaf.
Staying together
Will help to survive
every grief.

By Marwand Bahand

A wish

A cool breeze was touching my skin
It blew away the warmness from body
That was struggling to breathe,

Oh breeze, I said
You are so kind & smart
Why don’t you stay with me?

Breeze replied:
My nature is not to stay at one place
But to spin from city to city
Under this roof called sky,
Being caged or planted
At one place is death to me.

I asked:
Please, can you carry
My message to her?
How is she doing?

She is just like you,
Can’t be seen nor touched
But still able to bring
Freshness to my heart.

by Marwand Bahand